A man on the hill

Mission Objective : We need to claim caster equipment for our mages and casters. There is a very wise man on the hill which we need to defeat. It wont be easy.

Target briefing : Hits 7 times I belive. Pb's when the urge takes him and not only does he do fire area, he also does cold area too.  Still don't be alarmed those areas are not too strong.

Treasure Information : He carries a necklace which will be of great use.

Battle Plans : We need some healing there unless we have a powerful tank or fighter. The man on hill casts many spells so we must take time to prepare for battle.

Usual alies and recruits : We need an abjurer there and perhaps a healer for the area spells. Blasters might do the trick, but hitters who stun can be quite useful as well.