The major on-call

Mission Objective : We need to restore order to the barracks. It is hell in there and the way to restore order is to defeat the major.

Target briefing : The major will not show unless we prove how tough we are, so we need to prove ourselves. The major carries a powerful fire sword and can cause a lot of damage.

Location : He is in the army barracks southeast of zombiecity.

Treasure Information : An on-call officer medal, which is given to those who prove their worth. Sometimes it will call for attention.

Battle Plans : We need to defeat his officer, then take the key and unlock the door to wear down the captain. We must not kill the captain too soon or the major will not show up. Beware that the captain does not trap you in the room, you will need the key to get back out.

Usual alies and recruits : fighter, healer and abjurer. The rest being blasters or maybe higher ranked melee guilds.