The god of evil

Mission Objective : A true highbie eq mob. Only the elite would want to take on such a monster, but beware if you are a public enemy the mud will make your job harder. Destroy lucifer and your name is up in lights for a while.

Target briefing : Lucifer is the big boss of the demons or devils I could say. He lives unbelievably underneath the cleric guild where hell is. He likes changing forms when people battle him and some forms are more dangerous than others as he does different attacks.

Location : In the middle of a pentagram after destroying each of his five guardians. You will need to active a trapdoor. The switches are in the guardians room for instance flip board is one and search desk and press button is another.

Treasure Information : Depends what he loads, there is plenty of items here and you can dip guardian weapons in the vat to preff them.

Battle Plans : I have never done lucifer myself spending time on easier mobs, since campaigns can run for hours.

Usual alies and recruits : You will need a druid on this one, the rest is obvious at this level of expertise.