Lorain, Mage of the white circle

Mission Objective : We need some caster eq and Lorain has just the right stuff we need. These caster items will do fine for a mage rising up within the ranks. Lorain is practically a mage himself, so he will be quite tough.

Target briefing : As a mage, expect Lorain to throw lots of power blasts so a tank with Wall of steel skills would be useful. Lorain likes to area fire as well, so make sure the healer in the party pays some attention.

Location : We believe he is hiding out in some room, a ghost protects the enterance and guards a set of keys. Kill the ghost and we are in. The ghost can be pretty tough to handle since it blasts lots of golden arrows.

Treasure Information : We have a chance to get our hands on lorain boots, gloves and robes. If all goes well, we should be able to get ourselves a seal which we can use to summon his evil brother mandok

Battle Plans : When fighting lorain we must be careful when we retreat, he loves to summon people back into battle when they are not paying attention.

Usual alies and recruits : I think fighter, healer and some mages with abjurer should do the trick.