Ling Tao the Samurai Leader

Mission Objective : We are to pay a visit to the broxmia the old samurai stronghold. We need to kill some samurai blockers and get a key from the 3rd circle samurai then hope we can find a key from 4th circle samurais. We then head to our main target Ling Tao.

Target briefing : Ling tao likes nothing better than to summon helper after helper to do his fighting. The samurais even chase us when we retreat. Ling Tao has this special maze he runs to in times of trouble so it might be worth it to explore the maze if Ling makes a run for it.

Treasure Information : A nice belt for samurais and a few other objects

Battle Plans : If you can, with some luck. Try to get Ling stunned or drop him quickly before he gets to his maze. If he gets to his maze then you cannot blast him in there and can only do skill attacks.

Usual alies and recruits : You might need to bring hitters here.