Lich King

Mission Objective : We are to defeat the evil lich lord over the sea on elven isle. It will be a hard task and the past mission was hazy, not much can be recorded here.

Target briefing : Lich has been kept prisoner at the tower for a good reason and we need to rid of him once and for all.

Location : He is located on a prison island, we must travel there in a boat rented from an elven fisherman who requests some fishing rods for his service.

Treasure Information : once the lich has been defeated, we get to look through some chests, the items are all good, but choose the chests carefully.

Battle Plans : We will need several items, one being a pearl of protection, amulet and gauntlets from illis. Then make our way to the tower. We then need to free the lich lord by pressing a button in one of the rooms then we need to run to a room in order to keep the lich away from his portal that spews demons to help its master.

You might want to bring a hitter party to deal with the portal in order to keep it away from the lich or the demons will heal its lord. Watch out for thieves trying to remove your shelter.

There are five floors in that tower so perhaps its best to keep the portal on the 4th or 3rd floor.

Usual alies and recruits : Undeads do not like magic, so we need blasters versed in magical preferance.