The god of thunder

Mission Objective : We are to try and destroy a god of an elemental. None other than the god of thunder. If we are successful we can make a name for ourselves and loot the powerful items from the defeated.

Target briefing : The god of thunder will not be easy and we expect an epic battle. Obviously we will need the best in protection against electricity. The god is known to wield a powerful weapon and sometimes when it dwells in the hightop mountains it brings different weapons. The god is able to cast many electric spells.

Location : All we know is that the god is located somewhere over in the new continent. We will have to run past many spiders and recluses and look for some climbing. Then we must enter gate and jump up to the top of the clouds. The god does not want any visitors, so expect to be zapped every now and then. Guards block our progress so we will have to fight to get past them.

Treasure Information : Hopefully we can gain ourselves an axe since swords are not always on the market. The gauntlets would serve our purposes well.

Battle Plans : We have several options in tackling the god of thunder.

If we have a bard, we could use flight to retreat to the skies. Kz has several pets that cause a lot of trouble to fatigued party members.

If we do not have a bard, then we should save some energy to deal with his pets and take them down.

We could always flee two rooms away in order to avoid the pets, but Kz's guard might come back and we would have to defeat it again.

Kz has many attacks and has been known to remove protection, he boasts of his abilities all the time, but we have one or two tricks up our sleeves as well.

Usual alies and recruits : We need blasters who are skilled in cold or psionic attacks, the rest of the members should be obvious at this level.

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