The Kinslaughter in giant form

Mission Objective : We must travel to kevin's watch find some horses and ride to seareach. We shall then head across the field into the city of giants where they have been terrorised by some evil monster invading the giant's body and bursting out of them. We must put an end to this monster once and for all.

Target briefing : You can tell your near the target as bodies of dead victims become numerous as the kinslaughter leaves traces of its disgusting deeds. We hope to catch him off guard. From what our sources tell us, the worm like creature has some special glue to stop people fleeing. It has deadly psionic abilities and can often area.

Treasure Information : some held and a fig cloak

Battle Plans : We must be careful as if the tank cannot flee then the party either bravely fights on or flees.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, paladin or a paladin tanking, blasters, healer and cleric.