Escape Into Prison

Mission Objective : This time we must transport ourselves to the new continent and cross the lake to the isolated prison. There are many guests at that prison, but we do not want to visit them. We are to pay a visit to the warden and claim some treasure of great use.

Target briefing : The warden wanders the lower prison halls inspecting the prison to make sure everything is in order. We must becareful not to trip the alarm when we head for him or we ll be trapped.

Treasure Information : The cursed mace and blood drenched gloves.

Battle Plans : The warden is so powerful he can easily insta kill members of the party. We believe the power comes from his mace, which is actually cursed. Those who have managed to use the mace have no idea how to get the power to work. The warden has lots of stamina and it is important that when fleeing, people know where to go. This is because the warden can track very fast.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter, abjurer, bard, cleric and blasters.