A fast moving Hobbit

Mission Objective : I have most probably spelt the name wrong, but our next target is Karibicht. Its a long name, but if you manage to get through to the caves just type hobbit and that should be that when targetting him. We must travel to angarock and head north east to the caves. There are many twists and turns where some exits are blocked. So you might have to relocate out or ask for summon. Avoid fighting all black giants if you can, although you will need to beat one to enter the area.

Target briefing : Once we have past the female assassins then we will come to a hobbit who blocks our progress, but that is ok because we only want to see the hobbit anyway and get rid of him. The hobbit moves very fast and is clever enough to do area damage. I believe he hates fire, but i am not too sure.

Treasure Information : Hobbits usually carry dex eq

Battle Plans : We must make sure our party does not wipe because it will be a disaster to fight our way through the tunnels again. Bring a cleric just to be sure.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, abjurer, healer and blasters.