Jander Sunstar

Mission Objective : We are to visit ravenloft for our target. It will be hit and miss because several things have to take place if we are to progress. We must come experienced and find a yard to destroy a hag. She likes to drain experience and if we do not have enough then we will pay the price. The hag must drop a chime and it must be light or we shall go no future.

Target briefing : Jander seems sometimes easier than the hag if all goes well, but hunting for keys to his room can be difficult. There are dangerous patches of roses that might need to be killed. The castle contains lots of doors so we could use them for our advantage.

Treasure Information : The area offers equipment of physical protection along with caster eq

Battle Plans : We just hope we get lucky with the chime and then find the keys. Jander should not be aggro, but make sure not to get trapped and keep the cleric in a safe place.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, paladin or abjurer, blasters and cleric.