The battlemage

Mission Objective : We could do with a staff for a smasher or caster. The target known to have such a weapon is called jaga-syn who is a battle mage.

Target briefing : Jaga-syn is very tough for a battle mage and shows his true skill by constantly power blasting the target in battle. We must be very careful tackling him.

Location : He is located in the city at the end of neckbreaker desert. He should be in some bar where other adventurers are resting.

Treasure Information : We are only interested in the staff and he is a good mob to test our party skills against.

Battle Plans : As long as we concentrate on Jaga, we need to remind party members not to area or target kalak or other mobs located in the same room.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter and healer or cleric should be fine. The mob is done quite often and you might actually find the staff in the weapon shop, but we do not buy our treasures, we should earn them.