The beast of the pits

Mission Objective : We need some more equipment for our seasoned group of adventurers. I know just a place where we can get hold of a good item if you are to the task. Travel to Towanda and fight past the first set of guards. We must face the beast of the pits, The Interfector.

Target briefing : Not too much is known of the beast. All we know is that prisoners and thieves have been thrown down there. Oddly enough I have heard of some thieves going to the pits without fear. The beast is most fearsome and will be surprised if we tackle it head on.

Treasure Information : We could do with some paws

Battle Plans : We must be careful of where to wimpy incase our group gets confused and runs seperate directions. Be aware the beast does many area spells.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter is a must along with healer, abjurer and some blasters.