The Queen of Spiders

Mission Objective : We need some dex eq to help trade with samurais, thieves and monks. This target has just the items we need.

Target briefing : The target I believe is the drow chief illis. She is located deep within the bowels of the underground caves beneath the elven village. We will have to battle or run past many drows and spiders.

Location : The place is a maze, go to Eleven isle. Enter a cave south of the leprechauns and keep to the left of the maze and head south, or should I say keep to the west of the maze. 

Treasure Information : The target has a spider cloak and some gauntlets, it is not done much and may drop a shard or two.

Battle Plans : Against its not too tough a target, the hardest part is navigating through the maze. Once we are there we need to becareful how long we stay in battle. The spiders like to bite and poison party members.

Usual alies and recruits : We will need someone in the party that can remove poison quickly. The rest of the party should be ok with fighter, healer and some mages.