Humphrey the Octopus

Mission Objective : We are to take to our fantasy and get doped up and swim across the sea passing bears the eat honey. We must navigate through the swampy maze and we shall find a friendly octopus.

Target briefing : Well his tenticles attack like crazy if your 1 room away from humprey's head.  Even when your in the room with the octopus he will try and push you out of the room to get a beating.  Get a druid to do lion heart on you.  Or even do wall of fire.

Treasure Information : Very good fig crown and caster held

Battle Plans : Keep in the room with Humprey if you get pushed out of that room then head south and QUICKLY.  Although at times, there is no helping it....your bound to die a few times.

Usual alies and recruits : You will need seasoned adventurers here.