He might be drunk, but this makes him more dangerous

Mission Objective : We need a new weapon for a warlock or necromancer. A bard might be interested in the weapon as well.

Target briefing : The target is located inside a tree where a pub is placed. We will have to crash the party and look for harum. He is mean't to be quite tough so expect a hard fight, but if we succeed we can make some good money.

Location : To the east of turre's area, we must knock on the door to gain entry and the target may not be expecting us.

Treasure Information : We need to locate a black sword with spikes.

Battle Plans : If we are to wimpy then the only way is to head down and not stay to long, he has been known to suddenly wipe out the fighter even though the fighter is in good health.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter and a healer to start with then protter and some blasters or damagers.