A Hard headed warrior

Mission Objective : We could use some fighter equipment, one for smasher and maulers the other for defense and clothing.

Target briefing : Our target is called Graks, funny sounding name, but there is nothing funny when this giant goes on the attack. He is one of the few targets that hits more than 12 times and is skilled in the art of ancient mauling.

Location : He is located in turre's area just outside the castle. He seems to be looking for something, like some treasure, but whatever he is mumbling to himself does not make much sense.

Treasure Information : His club could prove useful for battling with.

Battle Plans : Nothing too hard, this target hits hard, but he sure is dumb and does not know any spells surprisingly, but when he becomes bad shape, its best to watch out.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter who is a master defender and a healer to start with, but you can still actually get by with using a cleric, the rest should be blasters if possible.