A Ghost warrior


Mission Objective : We would like to add our collection of weapons a powerful and intelligent sword or club. It is known that a ghost warrior may wield such a weapon, but since it is a ghost the thing is hidden and we must find the defeated warriors in order to find the ghost warrior. It is a shame to kill our comrades, but it is for the greater good that we destroy the evil ghost warrior once and for all.

Target briefing : The ghost warrior is highly psionic and has many spirit helpers, but other information is not so clear on the target. The warrior keeps itself hidden from view even if we find its location.

Location : We need two items. A map and a shovel. I believe the elves will be most helpful if we borrow a shovel from a tool shed and search for a map in a desk.

Treasure Information : We only need the weapon, I do not have any plans to sell the weapon if we beat the warrior. It is a most fine weapon.

Battle Plans : We might need those skilled in the art of psionic attacks to help us against this creature. We all need to drink potions taken from the zombies of the fallen so that we might see our warrior.

Usual alies and recruits : I think we should recruit psionicists, but again make sure to look for a good fighter and healer along with an abjurer.


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