King of Fire

Mission Objective : We need to find and kill the king of fire. Not only would we gain fame, but we can free the villagers and be reward with sought after equipment.

Target briefing : From what the villagers and old man has been telling us. The king is very powerful and only a few seasoned adventurers have managed to defeat him. He has an army of helpers ranging from almost every guild. We might need to bring two parties where one will take the army while the other battles the king.

Location : First we need to form a ring of fire. Unfortunately it is broken in two parts, but if we find a helpful witch, she can form part of the ring for us. She usually requests a mango and piece of lava. I think the lava can be found amongst some rubble and the mango is where some gorilla is, but the gorilla is not friendly up a top of those trees.

Next we need to find the other part of the ring and the old man can help us if he has the shovel, we should search him to see if he has one. Then we must dig for the ring. The ring is usually in a dangerous place where fire giants are.

From there if we have two parts we must venture to the volcano and search a pile then chant gran-raarg. We might need to kill some blockers, but if we can find an altar then we can form the ring of fire there. Next we must look for a heart, the only way we could get that is to find advisor by reading signs or symbols to awake them. Eventually one will have the heart. When we have the heart we can give this to ragrome and hopefully ragrome will open the next portal to the king.

Lastely each member of the party belonging to a certain guild must defeat an enemy of their own guild in order for the passage to finally open up. Once that is done then we are in.

Treasure Information : The stories of the treasure there is plentyful. We might have an item that stops people from being banished or summoned so easily, bracers that shelter and a powerful ring and torso. I think the ring sucks energy, but i am not sure. We will see when we hopefully reach our target.

Battle Plans : A difficult battle plan. Once there we must go to the top room and prepare ourselves. The king's army will attack on site so we must be ready. If we manage to recruit another party to help with the army then we can rush into battle against the king. Obviously the king is powered by fire spells and we need to be protected a lot from fire, we must also make sure that we do not feed the kings energy with fire damaging spells.


Usual alies and recruits : Only seasoned members need apply and we could use 3 to 4 melee fighters to help against the kings army.