A Frosty Devil

Mission Objective : A warlock has asked if we can provide them with warlock items and equipment. Sources tell us that within the area of saurus, there should be a giant frost devil. The problem is that the devil is well hiden underground.

Target briefing : Recent battles with the devil shows its able to cause a lot of damage with its area spells. We may feel that we are getting close to our target if a giant suddenly attacks the party.

Location : I travelled to the location of the area and defeated a frost giant, but although I could hear noises underground I tried to dig with my kz sword and had no luck. I think I need a sword which has more heat.

Treasure Information : The devil has some warlock items and warlock pay well for such items.

Battle Plans : If we manage to dig underground to gain access to the room, we might have to plan our retreat well, because the ground looks unstable and could collaspe at any moment. We do not want to get trapped there.

Usual alies and recruits : I would think rank 60 members would be suitable.