Elrond, the king and ruler of rivendell

Mission Objective : We would like a crystal amulet, which has been used by fighters and other melee guilds to aide them in combat, however access to the area has been severly restricted there is however a way in, but it depends upon luck and a method to find a castle.

Target briefing : The target is this time the king himself. He has many helpers who aide him in battle and has been known to constantly throw people out of the room with his skills unharmed fighting ability.

Location : Access to the kingdom has been sealed off, but there is another way in for skilled planners.

Treasure Information : The crystal is rare and is great for fighters as it offers valurable protection.

Battle Plans : We might need the help of many fighters for this one since its hard for casters to stay in battle to long because they will get hit.

Usual alies and recruits : I feel rank 60 members in a group of six to eight. As long as you have a fighter and healer then you can pick the rest freely, ask around how to get into the area.