This Priest will not be blessing us in battle

Mission Objective : We are to breach lord borgan's castle and attack father Dunn in order to lay our hands on his staff. We feel the staff can serve our business interests very well and if no one is interested in purchasing the staff maybe one of our clerics or casters could have use for it.

Target briefing : The priest has been at the castle for a long while and is not too well guarded. He often gives advise to travellers

Location : He is some south from general yro within tyrir castle. He should not be aggro so we can check to see his vulnerabilities

Treasure Information : We need the staff mainly to sell it, but it can always go to our collection

Battle Plans : The priest should not prove difficult for most parties, I am not sure if he has harm body.

Usual alies and recruits : Most parties should not have too much of a problem falling this foe. Just make sure you have someone to take the damage.