The Worm that turned

Mission Objective : Our mission is a difficult one. We must head to kevin's watch and find horses to ride to thunder. We then must explore the cave of cavewrights who are aggressive and will stop at no ends to defeat our brave party. We shall then hopefully find a stronger defense, which we must breach in order to successfully carry out our mission.

Target briefing : The target is Drool, an ugly worm that is huge and can hit very hard. It has the staff of law, which has enhanced the worm's power.

Treasure Information : The staff of law is famed through the realm for its power, if we can claim it as ours then we can win much respect.

Battle Plans : It is not a good idea to stay in battle too long, the worm hits very hard and can blast dangerous spells.

Usual alies and recruits : bring with you a very tough tank who is geared up with excellent equipment. This one hits very hard.