The evil death knight from beyond

Mission Objective : We are to enter the frozen woods far west of zombiecity to the edge of the shore. Not a living soul can dwell there after an experiment went wrong and thus summoned creatures of the undead to take over the school and kill the inhabitants. We must be brave and face the horrors that luke within the school as we slay undead after undead until we reach our target....The Death knight

Target briefing : Little is known of the dead knight. We had knowledge of death knights a while ago until the guild mysteriously disappeared. we do not know the reason for the guilds disappearance after all death knights were very powerful and this one at the school would be no exception. I suspect the knights damage would be dealt in cold attacks, but we must ponder the strength of his minions before we reach him.

Treasure Information : I am hoping there is some valuable fighter equipment there.

Battle Plans : There are many blockers and aggro monsters there. We must rush through the ones who do not block us and if there is one of them blocking then its best to slay the easier monsters and then work on the harder ones last. From then on we must quickly form our battle formations and rush through to Drayl before his minions arrive again.

Usual alies and recruits : If you get this far you know you should have an abjurer, healer, fighter, cleric and blasters.