The Dragon Lord

Mission Objective : We need to destroy a pet dragon. Not always determined to kill dragons we can only hope the pet has not grown too big, but our main worry to fighting to the top of concordia castle where the dragon lays.

Target briefing : As usual we expect most dragons to breathe fire so we will need fire protection. The target has also been known to bite members of the party in past battles and it releases fire area spells.

Treasure Information : As far as we know the dragon can be used to make an sp cloak and torso.

Battle Plans : We need to be quick because once the king has been forced to retreat, he has been known to rush back to block access to his pet dragon.

Usual alies and recruits : As long as we have a fighter we do not have to be too choosey with supporting members. I say a group of six who are rank 40 and above should not have too difficult a battle.