The giant thief warrior

Mission Objective : We need to find deschoga and slay him. The mission is known to be very tough and many adventurers have not made it this far since they have had some trouble with a dragon with one of the caves. The dragon is mean't to have a seal which we need to find the giant leader, but even the giants are fearful of the dragons.

Target briefing : Recent spies who have escaped with their lives have reported that they have seen the giant leader venture out on his missions and then return to a cave. When following the leader the spies could not penatrait the lower levels of the cave. There was too many guards, one of them a strange hobbit and another guard who wields axes.

Our spies watched the leader kill his target with ease with a simple backstab. The victim's guards tried to fight back, but were dealt with easily with Deschoga's sorcerer spells. If we are to be successful we will have to find defensive measures to counteract Deschoga's attacks.

Location : We believe he is the giant valley to the north east. Once we see an all black giant fighter then we are the right cave, but we need a seal from the dragon first. The seal I was told was broken in half and we are not sure who has the other half of the seal, so we can only hope the other seal is located on some person within the caves.

Treasure Information : The spies who told us about Deschoga's mission noticed he was wielding powerful claws and if we are successful in defeating the leader then the spies will place bids on the claws if we wish to sell them. There are other sets of treasure on the way to the giant leader, but each item is guarded and will not be released without a fight.

Battle Plans : I believe once we have attached seal1 and seal2 then we can go downstairs and look for the target, but to stay too long in battle is suicidal. We must retreat upstairs to rest and avoid his other guards.

Usual alies and recruits : Skilled members are of the upmost importance here. If we can find a sorcerer who could join our group maybe we can distrupt the giant's spell casting abilities.