King Conan

Mission Objective : A council has been taking place where lots of treasure may be found along with fame and fortune. If we could raid the council and get our hands on the horde of loot then we can put this to good use.

Target briefing : We believe the king of aqualiona and epimeitreus will be attending as with many of their aides, but to gain access to the portal where the council is being held, we will have to do the governor a favour. All the governor asks for is an eye. Not just any eye, but an eye of a snake and it must be a great snake.

Enquiries with the locals and an adventurer suggest that the snake is in a tower not far from taurus. We could use a grappling hook to get there, but one party tried and could not get past the door. Perhaps a thief can make us a key to gain entry.

Location : All we know is the council is well protected, its a shame the governor there wants that snake eye, but at least we do not have to fully storm the area and have allies on the inside. There are three guards guarding the enterance and it should not be hard to take those out.

The area we need to concentrate our efforts on is neckbreaker area and once we get past the desert and all its raiders, we should be ok to continue our adventure.

Treasure Information : We know the kind wields a powerful axe, which can summon a beast that flies with great anger. The king might know some spells as well. The king also wears a crown, which might not be able to sell well at times, but can prove of use when we are in need of constitution.

Battle Plans : Epimeitreus might be more difficult to deal with, his cloak is in great demand by many sorcerers and casters and one of his aides has the powerful

Usual alies and recruits : Since we do not know who else is attending the council we have to be a lot more prepared. We will need skilled members and a fighter without berserk and ignore pain skills may have a tougher time. We want a rank 55 or higher. We also need powerful offensive spell casters at around rank or 60 or so, but if recruiting is too hard we can aim lower.