Charon the evil skeleton lord

Mission Objective : There is a coffin high up in a tower that we should try to open. Many tales state that noises have been coming from the coffin and a party has breached the area and had some success in repeling evil forces that dwell within the tower. If the parties battle plans prove their worth we should have some luck gaining access to the place.

Target briefing : Not too much is known of the target expect from the recorded battle plans from another party, which we are using to describe this mission and the tales from the elves at the ranger guild area. The party found some skeletal figure that moved very quickly once the coffin was opened, but we are not too sure how far to believe them. Check the battle plans for further information.

Location : The tower is north and east of the rangers guild. Unfortunately we need to get a key to the tower from a kobold child and there is no other way but to kill it, but it is a lesser evil compared to what lays within the tower.

Once inside the tower we need to go some north and west and touch maelstorm, then pray nemesis. We then take what is needed and go east some to pull a torch. Once we are back at our starting location we should go north and push a statue where the guard should be.

From there we should go east and peer down to see a coffin.

Treasure Information : Stated from the last parties report, there is treasure located in the coffin. A shiny crown, some boots good for fighters and a key that could help in another quest geared for rangers.

Battle Plans : Once the coffin was opened, the previous party had to retreat upstairs only to be forced back down to face the terror that appeared from the coffin. After an epic battle against the horror pushing the party back, the party had to go back to town to recruit greater members because they had too much trouble battling the skeleton.

The leader of the party told me the skeleton healed itself quickly with powerful healing spells and it produced earthquakes so quick that it seems that it was casting two spells at the same time. The skeleton hit the fighter very hard, but what caused most problems was the glue that appeared on the floor stopping the party leader from retreating with his party.

The spell casters complained that damaging spells were reflected upon them. So we need to take note of this if we are to examine the coffin.

Usual alies and recruits : Since the party had to retreat to get more experience party members, it would be a good idea to that we start out looking for powerful members. I think grade 60 members are adequate to start with, but if there are not many around we can look for lower grades and ranks. We could try and find a druid and a bard to help expose any weakness at the target.