The lord of beer and pizza

Mission Objective : We would like to know if our target still exists. Our spies and infiltrators can no longer find the castle where the target once existed.

Target briefing : We have some records of the target from past battles, but they would serve no purpose now since all traces of the target activity have ceased.

Location : Nothing but ruins and empty fields exist now. The castle seems to have been destroyed by the immortals. There have been some rumours known the the treasure within the castle was too powerful that the immortals may have decided to destroy the area.

Treasure Information : We used to loot amulets and a cold preff vorpal sword from the area. I still have a vorpal sword, but its silver content was not as great as the ones that wear made by the weaponsmith in that castle. Still there may be a few left in the game that escaped the immortals powerful spells to remove such items from the realm.

Battle Plans : The battle plains are too old to be of any use now.

Usual alies and recruits : Our recent efforts to recruit adventurers to search the area have fallen on deaf ears. No one is interested now since all that remains of the area is fields and rubble.