A black widow

Mission Objective : We must head to the new continent and travel to the spider forest avoiding many aggressive spiders. We may need to slay a few who actually persue us. Once we reach our destination, we must prepare ourselves as no caster should enter the nest. The fighter must be brave to get the hideous monster to track him/her.

Target briefing : Luckily its been known that the monster does not hit too hard, but its poison specials are the most venomous to man or race. Nothing in this realm can cure you of the poison untill it wears off.

Treasure Information : Some fighter and caster item.

Battle Plans : You ll have to attack the monster and make it track you up, don stay in too long when getting it to track since the poison will kill you. Get the blasters to mirror image themselves, since the spider will bite them when it notices a crew of adventurers are waiting.

Usual alies and recruits : The party will get know where without a cleric, bring blasters and a healer specialized in party healing.