The king of the Dwarves

Mission Objective : The war between the dwarves and elves seems to have ended or at least hostilaties have ceased for now. Our expedition revealed the fortress has been sealed off and the dwarven army moved to another location.

Target briefing : Past enquries had reveal the target did not do any spells, but while the target was lacking spell casting abilities he had many helpers in battle.

Location : No information on the target's location has been known for now. At best our sources say the dwarves have moved underground.

Treasure Information : The dwarf used to wear a shiny golden amulet fit for a dwarven king to wear. Maybe the amulet still exists, we just need to locate it. We will update when required.

Battle Plans : Our past battle plans will need to be updated since we can no longer find the target.

Usual alies and recruits : we used to bring a fighter, mages and a healer to the battle.