Balizar Highlord of Sorcery

Mission Objective : Recent expeditions to a temple near the swamps have located sources of sorcery far beyond the understanding of most sorcerers. We have had no luck in getting shalash the guard at the temple to devulge in its secrets. Still we have had some information from a vetern group who had some luck breaking into the temple. They told us that the sorcerer is upstairs, but he must be summoned.

Target briefing : Not much is known about the sorcerer. Our last party did manage to breach the higher levels of the temple, but they were greeted with taunts of other sorcerers who boasted of their leader's powers. We did notice some book and the sorcerers boast went so far to telling us some rituals. We just need some time to perform them.

Location : Well the the temple is far south west of the city just north of the swamps. There are a lot of guards who will try to stop us and they are powerful warriors. Once we get past those then we should have some time to work out where Balizar is hiding.

Treasure Information : Not too much is known about the treasure I hear that he wields some staff that most veteran casters would wish to wield.

Battle Plans : We have never been there so its difficult to tell, maybe you might have some luck, although sources say that balizar is well protected and summons demons to do his bidding.

Usual alies and recruits : Not only would you need a fighter who is strong and has the courage and time, you will need a fighter that has researched the area and picked up more information on the target through research, but if that is lacking then party members can help with the information. Most of the party will need to be powerful mages and they must have studied high perferance spells. We also need a healer who is quick and a cleric who will resurrect the party. A bard would also be most welcomed in our group.

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