The King of death awaits

Mission Objective : We are to venture beneath the cleric guild in search for the king of death. We feel it is rather ironic that the king of death lives below the guild of resurrection, still many souls wish to find peace and the only way to free the trapped souls is by defeating the king.

Target briefing : Those who have heard screams of tortured souls beneath the cleric guild claim that evil lurks there.  Others have even gone below to find out who or what could be torturing souls.  There seems also to be some creature protecting this King.   Gather up a party and see what you can find there

Treasure Information : We will be well rewarded if we can defeat the king. The king is very wise and many have fallen prey as trapped souls if they cannot defeat him in battle. I has a weapon and some caster equipment.

Battle Plans : We need to act fast because his guardian dragon will come back after we have defeated it. Be careful of wiping out to the kings areas.

Usual alies and recruits : Only seasoned adventurers need apply. That being blasters, abjurer, healer and cleric along with a fighter.