Demon Queen of Destruction

Mission Objective : There have been rumours of a demon queen summoned within a portal. Cries of madmen have been heard and tales of vampires awaiting to bring adventurers to their doom have been suspected. Perhaps it would be good to reach a famous priest and confess our sins, so that we may bring light to this corrupt world.

Target briefing : Our sources information is rather hazy, they can only confirm the target from a distance since it has been too dangerous to get close. Some say the stairs to the demon tower is littered with heads that have been torn off. Our sources say if is of the utmost importance that we recieve our blessing if we are to progress. It has also been noted that the demon has some powerful guardians. There is also another thing to note, there is someone behind the demon. Someone powerful, but has been controlling things behind the scenes. Perhaps we should investigate the matter as well.

Location : This demon is powerful so accessing our target is not going to be an easy matter. Rumors say the key needed to open the portal is scattered across the realm. The portal was so dangerous that each part of the key was seperated into four pieces and even if we manage to find all the pieces, we can only access the portal on saturday.

Our sources say that each part of the key is placed in a tower and a guardian of each tower will fight to the death to keep the pieces. We must seek the guardian of slime and test our wits against a puzzle to open the door. Then we must travel south and face the guardian of the stars, but the problem is we cannot find the enterance since it is well heading. Our scouting party is looking for the enterance right now. Then we hope to travel north east across the snowy plains for the next tower and then south east near the jungle to the last tower where demonic forces dwell.

Treasure Information : Because of the quest difficulty the amout of treasure is plentyful. Our spies have peeked through the keyhole where the vampies live and have noticed one wields an axe, another has a ring which helps our energy, another party crept to take a look at the demon in the portal, but again our sources could only confirm some boots which was glowing in magical power.

Battle Plans : Judging from the events of a failed party to slay the demon, we can only go by recorded events. It was known that the party tried to stay in for long periods of time and the longer they stayed to fight the demon, the more powerful the demon became. We must plan to find a way so that when we encounter the demon, we do not fight it too long. A thief told me that a gold coin might come in handy, but i do not know why as yet. Once we recieve our blessing we must smear the liquid or the demon will have an easier time to destroy our party.

Usual alies and recruits : We must bring powerful mages that I am sure, we need to bring a cleric who is skilled in ressing not only one person, but several in quick succession. If we do not bring an abjurer and a healer then our party is destintined to fail and someone must stay out of the battle incase we become overwhelmed.