15 headed monster

Mission Objective : If you choose to do this mission it will be out of compassion and greed for some loot. The compassion is for the poor elves who have lost many children to this beast who lives down some well. For greed I have heard that the elder will reward us with a precious gem.

Target briefing : The monster has 15 heads, would you believe? 15 heads? I am not sure which is the most dangerous head, but they all attack at once. We must plot very carefully how we are to progress in battle and even though this is the first monster on our target least, it is easily one of the most difficult and you would be forgiven if you give this target a miss until later on.

Treasure Information : As stated earlier we will be rewarded with a gem if we give the elder proof that we have slayed this evil monster.

Battle Plans : From past experiences the monster unleshes an onslaught of attacks to the point where he can hit you even when you have died. One of the hardest hitting monsters his strength is beyond measure and his areas are fired in quick succession.

Usual alies and recruits : Bring an experienced abjurer, healer and blasters. A cleric will be vital here.