The Monk Guild


Guild duties: Again some mudders perfer to be monk because of the style of playing and those messages that come up on the screen while your attacking the monsters. This makes for an exciting life as a monk.

As stated in another page monks are mainly Kungfu monks who go around stuning and slaming their fists into monsters. Monks are also slightly buff however they can not carry shields.

Sub Guilds:

Masters_of_the_body - Take this sub if you wish to do more criticals and work on more kungfu stuns.

Masters_of_the_mind - Take this sub if you wish to do more preff damage and choose different types of preffs at a higher range.

Master_of_martial_arts - You must take this sub of 10 lvls before you get to choose any of the two above.

Guild Benefits: Its those messages!! What else? Seeing the damage you can do on monsters rather than blasting is much better than other fighting styles. Although monks do not really carry shields. It does not mean they can not tank. Most monks depending on their roles do not need to wear much EQ either and can go around naked if they wish. Monks can also learn different styles and show off to their other monks, which gives the guild a lot of choice.

The best part of the guild really goes down to causing lots of criticals and stunning monsters before they can get you back.

Guild disadvantages: However don't expect them to tank eq monsters. Monks also suffer from long distant travel and eating a lot. Plus the monks suffer from a lot of tiredness due to the use of their Kungfu skill. Although using pref skills like fire or thunder or ice can lessen your tiredness. Once you have finished monk masteries, you can often become bored unless you attempt to create a monk house, but those only help in administrative duties.

Solo Ability : For monks its very good. The kungfu damage can easily drop the usually 18 - 60k monsters. However poor monks can not carry many items to sell. So its long walking distances again.

Party Ability : Monks mainly serve as hitters behind the tank and can easily stun exp monsters. Its not easy for monks to do the same to EQ monsters though. However this does not mean monks are not invited to EQ parties. When I was a fig I always brought a monk or two along with me to at least stun some EQ monsters. A monk can get into a lot more advantures than your usual ranger or necromancer.

Finances : Finances for monks are quite good because out of all the fighter guilds. They can do the most damage in overall guilds. Not just the old highbie status of other guild who claim they do the most damage as fig or samurai. Monks are good for alround mudders from newbies to highbies.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Monks find it hard to defend themselves against damage. However they can tumble spell blasts which poor figs cant do and they can do more damage than most figs. Although monks suffer from not having much HP depending on your race. Still not many attack monks due to their melee techniques.

Overall Conclusions : What puts me off from being a monk is that I like partying a lot, which monks dont usually tend to do unless its for exp parties. However their solo ability is a lot more fun than most guilds out there and they can have many fun adventures.