The Mage Guild

(A newbie told me to put exp needed to start...I forgot his name though, he sure had a good idea)


Guild duties: Well if you enjoy going around putting an end to monsters with quick blasts without having to get your hands to dirty then a mage would be best suited for you. Also Mages can relocate to a lot of players which means they don't have to walk so far to destinations as other players.

Sub Guilds:

Advanced_elementalists - Another sub with different preffs not provided by the elemental champions.

Elemental_champions - Here we work on different preffs for our power blasts

Master_magicians - I believe here, we need to max this sub before working on elemental champions or advanced elementalist. We work on more channel power, less sp cost for blasting and better stunning and interrupts.

Spell_weavers - The old sorcerer guild. Specializes in powerful phys damage spells and can stun to even greater efficiency.

Guild Benefits: Yes, Mages can put end to certain monsters quickly and easily (unless turbo) without staying too long in combat. This is done with blasting spells mainly power blast. Mages have also a lot of other spells that can serve themselves and other players either helpfully or painfully. These being mirror image, identify and familiar.

If you stick around this guild long enough to get some rep. It should be too long before you get invites to EQ parties or eventually form your own. Quite a few players join mages in order to explore without having to do too much stress work on where to explore for EQ. A determined mage can get very rich from EQ parties.

Guild disadvantages: Blasting all day can be very very boring. However mages can be great party members which can reduce the boredoom of being a mage by a great amount. Although still you do get the odd member who is a mage moaning about exp rate, this puts pressure on the party to find monsters with better worth and are eaiser to drop.

Most parties which are designed for rate DO NOT ask for mage blasters, due to the problem of mages having to regen Spell points and most mages in the mud these days are newbies who have little regen. If you have mastered most of your preferences as mage then I do not see why you do not join the odd EXP party. Although most parties prefer hitters.

Solo Ability : Mages are one of the best solo guilds if the mage has good eq to regen real fast and blast at a great rate. However it can be a boring guild over a 2 or 3 month period of playing time. Most mages would perfer to do eq parties, which I think they are best suited for. Otherwise its soloing for mages.

Party Ability : For exp parties it not easy to get mages these days, due to the bigger exp monsters not being so rewarding as the solo exp monsters. So a mage would perfer not to be in exp parties unless they want to sacrifice a little rate to be in compition against other members of a party.

Finances : Not too bad for mages since they can place extra money items into a floating disc and sell the extra items to a shop. However its not possible to relocate to a shop so once the disc gets full. Its walking time for mages.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Mages usually can drop other newbies or midbie sp guild members very quickly. However due to mages not having much HP on themselves. They can also die quickly if they can not finish off their target in due time. Even if they make themselves invisible which is mainly due to defense then as soon as they start casting a spell then the mage will re-appear in a second.

Overall Conclusions : A solo mage are mainly meant for newbies. Being a mage can get boring very quickly unless there are exp parties for a mage, which are very rare these days. At higher levels mages can join more EQ parties although higher level mages find soloing far too boring. Choose your race very carefully before joining this guild.