Links Page

General Information Pages: (in alphabetical order)
Arghh's ZombieMUD Forum - A player run forum for discussion of all things ZombieMUD. Includes logs, trigs, tips and area info.
Damogran's Zombie Files - TF trigs, fully updated Reincer files and misc info including a detailed ZombieCity map.
Dryad's Zombie Pages - Extremely outdated, but a good deal of old area info.
Endy's Bestestest - A resource for trig messages and other info.
Graz' Booth List - A page dedicated to the Traders of the realm.
Hulkur's Zombie Info - Written in tribute to the Estonian Zombiemudders.
Kadaan's ZombieMUD Stuff - Good info on several guild masteries as well as quest hints.
Necromancer Guide - Well written, though not recently updated.
Sepe's EXPListMaker, Trigs, and Stats - Includes one of the most complete EQ lists.
Wald's Areas - A list of small expmob areas for newbies.
zBay - Incubus' searchable boothlist.
Zombie - Zamorra's old EQ list.
ZombieMUD: Njoobie Guide - Original Newbie Guide written in 1998. Extremely Outdated.
ZombieMUD Outworld Map - Complete map of the outworld with areas, by Dubbeltje.
ZombieMud - Complete map of the outworld with areas, by Dubbeltje.