On this section, my main aim is to give some hints and tips on gathering parties and maybe a few other things.

I hope to cover the following subjects.

Other methods for asking for parties.
Party setup for EQ mobs
Avoid party difficulties
Dicing and ways to do it.

Gathering parties be it for exp or for eq can be quite difficult, maybe gathering parties for exp is a lot simpler. The basic way to gather parties is usually on the mud channel e.g.

Purge [mud]: W:EQ party

This is usually quite good if you do not know many people in the mud to ask via tells, also the might be some players you cannot really trust.

There are some problems asking this way though. For one quite a few players will not follow up against for details, unless maybe your quite a high level. The other problem would be you will get maybe two abjurers or 3 clerics asking to join, which means you might have to weed out who can come along and who you will refuse.

Other methods of asking for parties

One has to be quite diplomatic in asking for parties and even before you ask you must have some idea of what the party will be about. Here are the things you should take into account before asking for EQ parties.

1. What mobs are you going to do.
2. Do you know where those mobs are?
3. Can you handle those mobs? If not then do you know of other mobs, which the party could handle?
4. How long are you running the EQ party for?
5. Where will you dice and who will look after the items?

With these things slightly covered then you have a good chance of getting a party started.

One of the best ways to ask for a party is usually by typing 'who support', 'who abjurer',' who blaster', 'who mage' and so on. From there you can target individual players by sending tells.

Look for the ones who have on their tag [EQ] or [XP]. If you cannot find any with such tags, then ask some players anyway, you might get lucky.

When sending tells you can usually send the following.

Purge tells you 'Hello, are you free for an EQ party?'

They can respond in several ways either by

xxx tells you 'Umm, dunno, what you got in mind?'
xxx tells you 'No, get lost asshole'
xxx tells you 'What members have you got?'
xxx tells you 'Sure! where do you want me to meet you?'
Or they do not answer.

So then, how can we respond to the above replies?

Well the first answer indicates they might be willing to come along, but due to past experiences they have wasted time in EQ parties that were not going anywhere. So you must tell them what mobs you want to try take down or even better say to them what mobs would they prefer, but beware that they turn around and state the following.

xxx tells you 'Lucifer, zotha, leprechaun king and highlord sorcerer'

If this is the reply, either they are joking or messing you around.

What about the next reply? you know? that rude one. I have got many replies this way and sometimes it puts me off asking for EQ via tells. What do you do and why would a player give such a tell? Well there are a number of reason why. The first being that there might be bad history between the two players, the other player might want to start a fight, the other player has real life social problems on the net or perhaps they are drunk. So then what do you do?

Well if you are really interested of getting an EQ party started, then just either ignore the comment and ask someone else or say sorry for bothering and say maybe next time. To be honest though, its bad news even allowing someone into the party who cannot get on with other party members.

We now move on to our next reply, which is this one.

xxx tells you 'What members have you got?

Well this is quite a positive reply, much better than the previous one, although this is ok if you have three or maybe four other people gathered in your party, but what happens if you do not have any? We can say the following.

Purge tells you 'Well, I do not have anyone yet, I am just starting the setup, but if you hang on for maybe 4 mins, I can get some more members'

I think this is a good response and if the player has some time they might wait on you for a while and see how the party develops. If things take a turn for the better they might respond with.

xxx tells you 'OK, do you want me to ask around as well? who do you need?

So then, so far we have covered three responses. We now turn to the next two scanarios.

xxx tells you 'Sure! where do you want me to meet you?'

This is the tell we all want to here when setting up an EQ party, but depending on the player base of the mud, if the base is small or your in at an awkard time, then it will be difficult to get such tells.

For the last response, which is not really a response at all. What do you do if the player does not respond to your tell? Well you can wait 3 mins and ask the player again. You could if your brave enough send ONE bell to the player, but its not often always advised. Lastly you can just ask someone else.

There are other ways to boost your chances for asking for EQ parties. You can arrange them through other channels for instance.

1. Use the zombiemud newsgroup to advertise needing members for EQ parties.
2. Use Arghh's forum to advertise on a board that you are looking for EQ party members.
3. Put in your plan info that you are looking for EQ parties.