The Healer Guild


Warning Being a MUST learn to form your own parties it is NOT easy either.

Guild duties: Dont like fighting? Well a healer you should be. However be warned healers still take damage, but gain satisfaction from helping others.

Sub Guilds:

Grand_medics - Not used for soloing much, but powerful healing capabilities.

Harmonizers - If a healer chooses this sub, they can solo far more effectively since their harmony armour gets more advance and now they learn a spell true transfer damage.

Guild Benefits: They can make exp (very little anyway) without exploring. Also they can even sell their services for desperate tanks. Healers will Always (mostly now) get parties if they are willing to set them up. These mainly being EQ parties now due to exp monsters not being worth setting up parties for since a party of 4 will do for rate.

Guild disadvantages: Although since many mudders can do without a healer for exp this has made the healer guild suffer horribly. At most you will find 6 healers in the game and 4 of them are highbies who can solo, but perfer to idle.

Solo Ability : Unless you have true transfer damage then soloing is very long and boring. I would not reccomend soloing as a healer to anyone. This is truly a partying guild.

Party Ability : Very good but only EQ wise for now. Its quite hard to set exp parties up as a healer since exp party monsters are not worth the trouble for most guilds. Unless you can find a tank that can do good damage and take damage well at the same time. However most mudders stay away from this guild since you have to be good worth to be a party healer in the first place.

Finances : Money is mainly made from selling EQ from EQ parties and even if they dont sell, then there is no reason why the healer can keep it in their chest when they reinc to other guilds.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Forget it. Although Harmony Armor with harmonius barrier is very good for defense and offense.

Overall Conclusions : Healers have suffered a lot from down tunes. Its very hard to set exp parties and healers can hardly solo. However for EQ, being a healer isn't too bad, but they have to play at least an hour to finally make an EQ party (if they try hard). This is far too long for most new mudders to try and join this guild. Its mainly reserved for hardcore mudders who play the game 6 hours a day.