The Fighter Guild


(Try not to join fighter guild with 0 exp. Killing monsters will end up being a slow and boring process)

Guild duties: If you like kicking, bashing, slashing, mutilating and all the above rather than just blastng the monster. Then a fighter is for you. It does make life more interesting rather than blasting the monster. However fighters tend to tire a lot and have to eat so much and walk long distances. Fighters are most to be buff of all buffy guilds (not vampire slayer). This means they can take damage for up to a great amount without given up. Not many would attack fighters however fighters can not really solo bigger monsters than what druids can do.

Sub Guilds:

Note : You can take any fig sub, but can only take 15 lvls, most subs are 5 lvls each, so you cannot take them all.

Blademasters - Here we specialize in swords for slashing. This sub is perhaps one of the cheaper fighter subs to take. If mixed with ranger, the slash gets even more powerful.

Brawlers - Another cheap fighter sub. This one uses ancient weapons, being sickles, whips, knuckles and rare items. The skill brawl seems to have no cap, but beware brawl does not always come out doing preff damage.

Masters_of_defence - This sub equals 10 levels, but instead of specializing in any weapons. This sub allows the fighter to work on berserk. This sub is Critical to take if going to tank harder EQ mobs. If you take this sub, you only have 5 spare levels for another fig sub.

Myrmidons - A sub that is VERY important if planning an EQ fighter reinc. That means, take this sub if you have chosen defender masteries and wish to tank eq. The sub is very effective for exp as well. Specializes in swords, ancients, bludgeons and polearms, however damage is not all so great. One of the more expensive fighter subs.

Warder - Very Expensive fighter sub, but a unique one. This sub specializes in blugeons and maces. Take this sub if you have choosen the offensive fighter masteries. If all skills maxxed then you can do insane damage. The sub is unique because you have to plan your attack in advance, rather than sitting back botting skills.

Guild Benefits: As stated before fighters don't take so much damage easily due to they parry and physical attributes. Also fighters tend to lead more parties than everyone else, however being a fighter you have to know a lot more about the mud than other members. Fighters also tend to lead quite a few blaster exp parties compared to the paladin which now tends to lead the most. Also being a fighter quite a few newbies or lowbies and midbies ask you for help when they have problems with turbos or need to do a quest, even helping to collect corpses for necros in trouble. I consider fighters to be mercenies or recruiters.

Guild disadvantages: Most fighters tend to eat a lot which means bringing a tinning kit along or heading to the bakery a lot. Fighters also tend to die a lot more due to the tanking of eq parties. Athough I think its a shame that fighters loose a lot of exp due to the tanking of eq, perhaps this should be lessend somewhat to make more fighters go out and tank. Most fighters have a hard time training to, depending on your race of course the fighter guild and sub is VERY expensive.

Solo Ability : Fighters can solo without too much trouble. Although very few do, some highbie fighters tend to idle a lot to and due to the expense of the fighter guild for newbies they tend not to be fighters at all. Still fighters can kill small monster very quickly and continously.

Party Ability : Without a fighter then life would be a little harder doing EQ parties. Still as soon as you reinc to fighter. Expect to lead quite a few parties. Its very easy to make newbie and explore parties and near impossible to make EQ parties due to a lot of midbies and newbies asking if you have wishes, what eq you have, what members are comming, what eq your doing, how long is the party for, what % of parry you have, what sub guilds your in, what trigs do you have......and so on and so on. When I was a fighter I got asked these questions in one go. For that I just reinc out the guild. So when starting EQ parties try and make friends with healers and blasters and protters beforehand.

Finances : If your going to be a fighter for a long time. Then your bound to make some handsome profit from all the EQ parties you ll be starting or joining. Some EQ for most fighters who tank will be expected to sell for 700k to 1 meg. Anything over 1.5 meg to 4 meg is reserved for highbie tanks.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Being that fighters are buff they can only mainly defend themselves against physical damage, which is a shame because when it comes to magical or poison damage then fighters take a beating. Not many attack fighters unless they are highbies or pkill happy. However quite a few fighters can do a lot of offensive damage, the worst of these is mutilate which at times stun the pkiller and does huge amounts of damage at the same time. If your a fighter then your less likely to be pkilled by a loony lowbie mage or even a newbie blaster.

Overall Conclusions : Being a fighter isn't all bad. However mental and physical demands out weight the benefits sometime, but always hold on to do rocking EQ parties. They will come, but it just takes a lot longer than it used to be.