Fighter Weapons Introduction

The Weapon descriptions will be from my perspective. I will use the four sections belowto describe the weapon.

Weapon description and detail

As stated above, I will make a description of the weapon and its detail. I hope to point out subtle differences and why the weapon is unique in its craftmanship.

Experiences with weapon

Here I will note down my experiences with the weapon depending on the fighter guilds I have been in and the monsters I have fought.

How weapon compares with skills

I hope to bring up the number of skills I have used with the weapon. Some weapons are dedicated to certain skills, others can be used with many skills and some weapons even though they are powerful are quite difficult to use, one of them being the iron claw. A very large axe indeed and if you are in a good race its a worthy axe to use, however quite a lot of races are not so adept in strength requirements.

Weapons History

I will go into a description of the weapons history, although this might be down to more of guess work. We might look at how such a weapon came into the hands of the mob. Most history of most weapons are a mystery to be honest. Especially some unqiue weapons mask their creator or weaponsmith as if it is forbidden to know them.