The Druid Guild

Guild duties: If you want to go around dropping bigger monsters rather than wasting time on small fry then be a druid. If you want to cause more damage and be of more use than your fellow mages then be a druid. If you want to make more money and solo eq to your limitations then be a druid.

Sub Guilds:

Dryad - This sub works upon wand, staff and talisman making skills. We use wands or starves to quicken our spell blasting and talismans to boost skills or spells. NOTE: not all spells and skills can be boosted.

Elementalists - One of the most important druid subs. Here druids get to summon even more powerful elementals, as long as they have trained even more elemental lore. We also get more favour and mastery over our elementals, so if the elementals die, they do not take ages to summon again.

NOTE: Since you can only take 15 lvls of druid subs, if you take the first two, then you only have 5 lvls left, but you could always take 3 of one sub and 2 of another. Most just max one and leave the other, depends what your after.

Filidh - Here we brew protection salves for either elementals, EQ parties or some EXP parties and those wishing to purchase salves.

Scathatch - If a bard is not around, these elixirs are very useful. You cannot drink an elixir and be boosted by a bard spell at the same time, plus you can only drink up to three of them. As you can tell, this sub specializes in making elixirs to drink.

Guild Benefits: Druids worship nature to the causes of they own needs. However most of the druids spells in use are mainly for damaging. Other spells are reserved for partying. Druids have elementals which can tank for these nature worshipers. There are four types of elemental being air, fire, earth and water which is a harder elemental to bring forth into the zombie world. Druids are also of more worth in a EQ party than a mage due to negating EQ monster tricks. With lion heart and fire wall and other spells of great use.

Guild disadvantages: Unlike mages familiars if a druid looses his elemental in a battle then the elemental will not return until 30 to 10 or 20 mins. Plus druids can not blast indoors without some forest.

If Druids attack bigger monsters there is always a risk that the druid will be stunned on re-entry and will loose her elemental and even herself. To make it worse druids do not have ready easy access to stun prot either. Lag can make life a lot more harder for druids since they have to rely on a quick in and quick out system for taking out harder monsters. If a druid gets lagged then its quick in and no escape for the poor druid.

Solo Ability : Life is more exciting for the druid, rather than the mage. This is because they can take on a number of bigger monsters than the mage ever could. This takes time though however the rewards far out match the rewards given to a mear mage. Still remember the dis-advantage of being a druid being they can get stunned a lot due to taking on 1 megs or even lesser exp monsters. However if doing an eq monster then druids can then sell the eq to make even more extra money.

Party Ability : Again druids do not get invited more to EQ parties rather than mages. Druids these days serve as aids in highbie party EQ. Your more likely to blast in lowbie or midbie parties. This is because druids lack some preferences. Most druids tend to solo and work on their masteries.

Finances : When a druid takes on an EQ monster single handed. Not a 3 meg like some highbies but just some average EQ monster, then the druid can make some handsome profit depending on what is needed out there in the mud. Mules can also carry extra items for the druid to sell. However to drop eq monsters is no easy task. However remember such tasks can only mainly be done with a GREATER elemental, rather than the lesser elemental.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Again blasting is druids pkilling game. However druids can defend themselves with thorn wall and have a special spell for pkilling vampires who think they are tougher than a prepared druid. Still druids also have a little HP even though its slightly more more than the common mage. So if a druid cannot drop its pkiller fast then its game over for the druid.

Overall Conclusions : If you choose to be a druid. Life can be a bit more exciting. A may not be too easy to solo and make a rate. However I doubt druids were designed for that. Most druid usually party rather than solo.