Guild Section

Guild duties: The death knight guild is no longer around. Well to be fair it is around, but I believe no one can join the guild. The guild might need some recoding to balance its power, this is because it was far too easy for players to enter the guild with low worth and bot their way to insane amounts of experience.

The main point of the guild is to kill mobs, but the twist is that you are powerful enough to take on much bigger mobs than before. A death knight has vast deposits of HP and SP. They literally drain the essence or life mana from their targets in order to kill them and gain a reward of exp and mastey once their target is dead.

Sub Guilds: As far as I remember, there were Lancers and some blaster sub. One for blasting mobs and the other using lance weapons to charge at their foe.

Guild Benefits: To make vast amounts of experiences. The guild can be fun to play as well due to the many death knight races to choose from. Death knights can specialize in lances or blast their way to power.

Guild disadvantages: Death! The one thing a death knight fears the most is death. If a death knight dies, then it can be very tiring to become dead again, i mean alive, or do I mean dead. Well, put it this way, I mean back to a death knight again.

Death knights must also meet a ratio, because it can be easy to solo harder mobs, death knights must kill a certain amount of mobs in order to hold their current rank. If they loose a rank, they could loose a lot of mastery points and even their race options. This can make the guild tiring to play because some mastery races demand some hours of playing. Still there is an option to rest every two days or so.

Solo Ability : Probably the best in the game, apart from seraphs and warlocks. A good death knight can solo better than any guild in the realm. In the past, some death knights could solo 4 meg mobs that it became a joke of a guild.

Party Ability : Death knights mainly only party with other death knights, but you do get a few who can carry other mortals or those who are alive, but the god of death frowns on such practicies. If a death knight is to party, it should be with necromancers. Experienced death knights can incorporate other guilds, but most death knight shun the living.

Finances : Very good due to their soloing abilities, but without the trader guild then finances can suffer a bit, this is because killing smaller mobs might not be so rewarding.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Very good, but dangerous because if a death knight dies too often then their mastery suffers greatly.

Overall Conclusions : A brilliant guild and one that hopefully can be in tune to the zombiemud realm in the future, but the effort to balance the guild with the mud is very difficult. In the end its not only the guild that is demanding to administrate, its the players that can demand how the guild should be balanced.