The Cleric Guild

Guild duties: The cleric guild has under gone many changes since the old style of the guild. Before the change, clerics did not stand much of a chance of soloing unless you had been a senior zombiemud player.

Most clerics used to just idle and ress, and if they idled too long then they WONT ress. So now the new change of this cleric guild is designed to make clerics solo more before they get bored to death rather than ress anyone from death.

There are 4 types of clerics now. However I won't explain them too fully since I ve not been one. So if you want to find out what a cleric can do you can reinc to one.

Sub Guilds:

Mist_walkers - Clerics that specialise in killing undeads, most used in paladin exp parties. Difficult to solo with, because the main attack spell zaps their HP, but in a group they are most useful for paladins.

Order_of_light - Sub the specialises in healing, quite useful for EQ parties, but can be used in exp.

Order_of_shadow - Evil clerics that get their power by doing Harm Body damage. Their main HABO is fire. Can cause insane amounts of damge on high masteries.

Terran_knights - One of the most chosen subs if going cleric. Out of all the subs, these clerics are the most easiest to use for soloing. Mainly hitter clerics who are not fond of healing others. They deal damage by using staffs or maces to smash their victims. If choosing this sub, pick a race that utilizes wis and str.

Guild Benefits: Evil Clerics can either solo as half fighters and half heal/ressers or cause a lot of blasting spells. However if you want to be a good cleric then removing scars and healing or a little protection spells can help you on your way to being high priest. Most of these clerics can still ress people which also means a little more exp.

Guild disadvantages: Most clerics die quite easily during solo or party time. Plus most clerics find it very hard to make money to buy eq to regen a lot better in parties. Clerics do tend to get pkilled as well if they do not ress highbie/midbie players in time and other silly little things. So being a cleric can make friends, but making enemies is lethal to a poor cleric.

Solo Ability : One of the clerics being a fig cleric can solo very well thank you very much. They can do HUGE tons of damage with their SMASH skill, plus also ress to. However being that they are of fighters. They do not regen hitpoints so well. The big benefit is they can heal themselves, which many fighters in the mud can not do very well. The other clerics I am afraid still have to sit around being bored although they can still solo, but is it worth the effort?

Party Ability : All clerics are liable to be VERY valuable in partying. Especially eq parties. This is because of the ress spell for bring members back from the dead. Even lowbie clerics have been found in highbie parties that can not find any clerics or other half cleric members. However don't expect to find such highbie parties all over the place and don't be nuts to ask for one either. Most players tend to get annoyed in real life but in the mud they get annoyed a lot quicker and tend to do something about it too.

Finances : Unless clerics make money from EQ parties. Its not so easy to make money elsewhere unless your a fighter cleric. In fact money making clerics are near non-existant in % of the mud overall. Of course you get a highbie cleric blabling that they can do everything under the sun......but of course they can....they are highbies after all.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Clerics have been known to poison anyone who gets on their nerves. Evil Clerics are ones you should be weary of. Since some of their spells are a mystery. One last time got me to attack a non-aggro 2 meg for no reason at all.

The fighter clerics can also be very deadly for those who think clerics are now a push over. So clerics can now attack a lot better rather than the stupid habo spell which does major damage, but takes to long to cast and does not kill anyone in one go anyway. As for defense, clerics are not really any good unless they can shelter themselves to stop anyone from attacking them. Still they can always run away and heal themselves untill they get to a safer place of refuge.

Overall Conclusions : Being a cleric is a lot better than being a cleric of the past. Except for that them dying and loosing exp at minus rate, which now effects all guilds. However there are still only a few clerics in the game since being a happy clerics depends on the deaths of others.