The Bard Guild

Guild duties: If you want to join a guild where all guilds seem to mix into one and perfer to work from behind the party then this is the guild for you. You can work on bard masteries be inventive with the songs you make and earn good rep.

Sub Guilds:

Actors - Wear self boosting disguises and cause blasting damage by using charmed pigeons. Pigeons are very helpful in storing loot. Can do a number of preffs.

Gallants - Juggle objects to avoid areas and even throw items. Good are enchanting weapons and on higher bard masteries can animate the weapon to help in battles.

Minstrels - Most important bard sub, visualisation spell to boost skills/spells. Powerful identify of monster stats and bard song skills.

Troubadours - Mainly useful for eq parties. Here this sub specialises in debuffs, which means using area attack songs to weaken enemies stats. A sub not often chosen at the lower end of a bard's experience.

Guild Benefits: This guild works on all round support for parties. You can solo adequatly, heal and boost stats and skills of your party members and even yourself. Bards can make a lot of money if they are wise to other adventurers needs.

Guild disadvantages: This guild is EXPENSIVE! many newbies and even lowbies avoid this guild. Also because this guild centers on all round support apart from being support itself, you wont excel in attack or defense overly.

Solo Ability : Bards with ok masteries can solo well enough when parties run dry. It can be boring, but if lacking in the money stakes then soloing is not too much of a problem. If you do not prefer to solo then you can always sell your bard services on sales channel or find other inventive ways to do so.

Party Ability : Bards can easily get into many parties especially since they know their audience, but its best you try form your own until you get a good reputation.

Finances : You can make a large some of money selling your skills to boost weapons and help the other necromancer and ranger out when they summon helpers. Soloing for money is not too hard either, but your main profit will come from EQ parties.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : With higher masteries a bard is more than a match for other guilds. However if your starting out as a bard then best to avoid PK wars for some time.

Overall Conclusions : Bards can be expensive to join and expect to party often as one. Masteries take a very long time to work, but for an all around support guild then this is the one for you to join.