The Abjurer Guild

Guild duties: If you want to get a few exp parties and a lot of EQ parties then Abjurer is the way to go. Although there are already a few highbie abjurers hogging most of the good parties and there are not enough tanks to go around these days. Still its worth a try making a campaign to look for EQ. After all its boring making exp all day, why not go and explore?

Sub Guilds:



Guild Benefits: Abjurers can enjoy exploring in EQ parties and have little problems making EXP parties if they make it their business to set them up. Abjurers don't usually get invited to exp parties much these days since most mudders can get by without them the reason why is the sub guild matter. Since exp rate hoarders make abj their secondary guild.

Guild disadvantages: Soloing is non-existant for an abjurer. They have far too low an HP and have crap offensive spells unless they try and vul the monsters. Plus its not so easy to set up an EQ party, let alone an exp party unless you know what monsters a party can do to make a good rate (which is a pain in the ass if all the party members maon for rate while the monster won't drop easy enough).

Solo Ability : Forget it. Unless your a highbie or midbie even.

Party Ability : I still think an abjurer can get by in the mud by setting up parties, although they have to make a lot of friends to do this. I still think quite a few parties would do better with an abj for EXP. However doing EQ without an abj is near suicidal.

Finances : Abjs mainly get money from selling EQ from eq parties or selling enchanted arrows or prots.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : You might do ok if you have the worth for a combo guild, but an abjurer on their own primary guild, you can just forget it. Avoid getting into pkill wars.

Overall Conclusions : Its a hard boring life being an abj, expect to idle a lot and also explore to try find eq monsters to do. Visit my eq monster page. It may help. However this guild is for players who have some knowledge of the mud or want to explore in parties.